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    Bruce Banner For Sale Online

    Bruce Banner #3 is named after the Incredible Hulk for a reason. Bruce Banner #3. This is one of the strongest strains on the market. With 5 distinct phenotypes, some Banner variations are more powerful than others. Bruce Banner #3, for example, can feature a THC content of nearly buds online in UK

    lab tested result

    THC: 29%

    CBD: 1%

    Bruce Banner #3 Experience

    This strain is a Sativa-dominant cross between legendary OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel from Delta9 Labs. The result is a knock-out strain with balanced effects. The heady effects of the strain are quick to arrive, but the classic slow Indica body heaviness shows up within a half an hour or so. buy buds online in UK

    Since the THC content is so high, the euphoric effects of this strain are quite intense. It’s also fairly energizing, making it good for daytime use.

    While this strain smells earthy and sweet, it features some strong lemon-lime and diesel flavors. It tends to have fairly high yields and produce nice and big trichomes. Buds will be bright lime green with striking red hairs. This strain’s effects are modified by the amount of time they are given before being harvested. The later you let the harvest go, the more relaxed the effects will be. If you’re hoping for a racy effect, harvest this strain a little on the early side.

    This strain is great for those who need relief from more severe health conditions, like spinal cord injury and recurrent migraines. Yet, because this strain can be a little racy, not all anxiety-sufferers will find relief — in fact, some may find the opposite.

    This strain can be used to combat arthritis-related pain

    Others have found this strain helpful for stress, ADHD, and anxiety

    People who suffer from depression may find the effects of Bruce Banner to be very uplifting.

    Buy Bruce Banner online

    Bruce Banner may be better recognized as the comic book heroes alter-ego The Mighty Hulk, but he may not be such a stressed-out bundle of rage if he just had any of his nickname pressure on him. Even this green giant has concealed power and includes thick nugs that contain the very strong THC material. It’s a powerful strain that has fast and intense results and then seems to calm down into a euphoric and imaginative vibration. The results of this strain are most noticeable and often remain in the brain, but it can also provide relief to the body which makes it a good daytime bud for some. Buy Bruce Banner online.

    Dark Horse Genetics developed this variety from OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, and its origin is seen in its pleasant undertone diesel flavor. Plants blossom within 8 to 10 weeks. The strain has three primary phenotypes, one of which is Bruce Banner # 3. Buy Bruce Banner online.

    Bruce Banner’s buds are thick, with a rich amount of THC. The results appear rapidly and in intensity, but the stone mellows into an artistic euphoria, countering the initial stone punch out. Bruce Banner can provide the consumers with a soothing high body followed with helpful pain relief results. It is a pressure used to relieve rates of agitation and tension and to reduce the effects correlated with ADD / ADHD and Bipolar disorders. Bruce Banner is also used for curing migraines and alleviating arthritis-related discomfort. Buy Bruce Banner online Legitly

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