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    Kandy kush For Sale Online

    Buy Kandy kush

    28g/ Kandy kush According to the breeder, DNA Genetics, the goal with this cross was to combine the OG flavor with the Train Wreck bud structure.

    The OG Kush mother brings medical benefits and a tasty, pronounced terpene profile. The Train Wreck’s father brings high commercial yields, resin production, and lemony scents. The sweetness in the Kandy Kush is courtesy of the OG Kush female and is where the name stems from. This plant is known for its high resin production and is stated to be one of the most resinous in the entire DNA Genetics catalog. This strain took 1st at the Colorado Cannabis Crown 2010 for best medical cannabis out of 140 strains.

    Buy Kandy Kush Online

    Kandy Kush is a creation of the Reserva Privada series by DNA Genetics, which incorporates two California originals, OG Kush and Trainwreck, to produce a sweet Indica-dominant hybrid. Nevertheless, the variant of this variety that earned The Western Slope Cannabis Crown was developed by Rocky Mountain Remedies, Northwestern Colorado’s first medical pot dispensary. Buy Kandy Kush Online.

    The taste is sweet like chocolate, with a heavy lemon-Kush smell, as the name implies. Kandy Kush is popular with medicinal growers and provides a strong, high body with marked pain relief.

    The high pressure starts with intense cortical influences that heighten moods by releasing dopamine almost instantly. A strong, lazy body high is immediately accompanied by this euphoria. Kandy Kush is a suitable strain for anyone struggling from eating problems and diarrhea because it generally increases hunger and gives patients the ‘munchies.’ Preferred for usage throughout the evening, the strain is more commonly used to combat anxiety and promote calm. The Indica benefits of the pressure will relieve moderate to serious persistent aches and pains and others consider it useful to deal with anxiety and mood disorders. Buy Kandy Kush Online.

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