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    Platinum Girl Scout Cookies For Sale/Buy Platinum Girl Scout Cookies Online

    A pleasant smoke and very potent, Platinum GSC is a Cup-winning hybrid and a cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a third unknown strain. It has many other relatives – such as Cookie Dawg, White Cookies, Zookies, Blue Cookies, Phantom Cookies and many more – which are all just as good. Buy Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

    . Platinum Girl Scout Cookie, which has a THC content of roughly -20.39%, and is my top favorite strain due to the effects of it. The strain is a cross between

    OG Kush


    Durban Poison.

    It is an

    Indica dominant hybrid

    with a strong




    I tend to have an uplifting, happy and euphoric feeling. It puts me in a happy/giggly mood. It is amongst the premium strains due to its High, (no pun intended), THC content. It has won several Cannabis Cup awards. “Platinum Cookie,” which is another favorite of mine, is a different phenotype of the cookie strain, as well as Thin Mint. I would not recommend using this strain if you have complicated or tedious work to do after consuming.

    Always remember, moderation is key to consuming cannabis in a healthy manner and should never be used abused. Using too much cannabis can lead to numerous negative side effects such as paranoia and short term memory loss. Make sure to abide by your local and state laws when consuming cannabis.

    Hope this has helped. Happy Smoking!

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