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    Buy Organic Purple Kush online

    Purple Kush is thought to be one of the most powerful strains in the world. Purple Kush. This 100% Indica provides a long-lasting sedative experience. New marijuana users should proceed with caution with this one.

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    THC: 22%

    CBD: 0.1%


    Purple Kush is one long-lasting Indica. Expect a slow, heavy physical relaxation to work its way over your body. A blissful, euphoric fog eases away mental strife and stress. A Californian cross between the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani, this sedative strain is the perfect nightcap.

    Though this strain provides a deep and meaningful sense of relaxation, it’s not for beginners. This strain is thought to be one of the most powerful strains in the world. It is 100% Indica, meaning that it has potent, almost narcotic-like effects.

    Experienced consumers also like this strain for unwinding after a stressful event. If you’re feeling blue and just need to veg out or hit the hay, Purple Kush will lend a hand. The fragrant aged berry aroma adds to the trance-like experience of this strain. If you can handle upward of 20% THC, this is a must-try flower.

    The fragrant aged berry aroma adds to the trance-like experience of this strain. Marijuana enthusiasts will notice the familiar earthy-sweet aromas of Kush lingering in the air, with real cannabis connoisseurs noting that sandalwood scent. When lit, this strain offers up notes of fruit and hash, with a heavy smoke that can make even experienced marijuana consumers cough. On the exhale, this strain has a sugary sweetness to it that will linger on the palate.

    Seeds of this strain produce almost neon colored nugs that are riddled with purple if exposed to cold temperatures at the right time in their growth cycle. Orange pistils twist all the way through the leaves, as well as a hefty dollop of trichomes, giving this weed a sticky, resinous feel to the touch.

    This strain was one of the oldest medical strains to come out of Oakland.

    The body-numbing sensation from Purple Kush makes it an excellent choice for those with chronic pain

    Whether it’s a back injury, extreme muscle tension, or muscle spasms, this Indica is likely to be a favorite

    When pain keeps you up at night, Purple Kush slowly rocks you to sleep.

    Buy Organic Purple Kush online

    Purple Kush is a pure Indica variety that originated as a consequence of mixing the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani from the Oakland region of California. Its scent is delicate and earthy with traditional Kush sweet overtones. Blissful, long-lasting euphoria cloaks the subconscious while physical relief clogs the body with discomfort, sleeplessness, and tension. Purple Kush should grow large rather than tall, and be ready for harvest after a flowering period of 8 weeks.

    Purple Kush eases you into physical comfort right away. Though there might be certain neurological symptoms, they are more of a warped psychotic aspect than a cognitive type. Smokers can appreciate the calming effects of music or tactile surroundings. Furthermore, rather than inducing hyperactive thinking and keen concentration, this pressure is more prone to create a state of dopey contentment. Buy Organic Purple Kush online.

    The perma-smile and strong body stone that comes with Purple Kush certainly ask for this Indica knockout to be enjoyed at night. Even Purple Kush can be useful as a medication. Its strong sedative properties can alleviate certain anxiety and depression symptoms. It may also be remarkably helpful in relieving discomfort — whether acute, such as the aches that arise during a workout, or recurrent, such as cancer or fibromyalgia-related nerve pain. Additionally, Purple Kush is a perfect alternative to combat chronic depression in big enough quantities. The high pressure is reported to have a typical length of approximately 2 and 3 hours. Buy Organic Purple Kush online.

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