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28g/ Chem Dawg


Chem Dawg is an amazing strain, used for so many other wonderful varieties you are familiar with.  OG Kush, Sour Diesel, etc.

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Throughout the year’s Chem Dawg built quite the name for itself. Chem Dawg has practically guaranteed itself a permanent position in the weed hall of fame with its enigmatic roots, unclear genetics, and the plenty of effective crosses the strain has made. Chem Dawg is renowned for its unique, diesel-like scent. You’ll be able to detect the strain from a mile away, pungent and strong.

Be alert of weed newbies: Chem Dawg appears to be extremely toxic. Consumers should anticipate a cognitive sensation in conjunction with a powerful, heavy-bodied feeling. Buy Chem Dawg Online.

Chem Dawg is high, but very strong, as well as being a fantastic resource for just sitting back and relaxing recreationally, it is a helpful tool for fighting a variety of ailments. Some users recorded an immediate head rush that instilled euphoria in the psyche. When the attitude is uplifted, plan to wash out some depressed, nervous, and negative feelings in a sea of positive vibes and productive energies. The physical vibration from this weed is very evident as the mental dimensions of this high begin to wane. You ‘re not likely to realize it at first because you’re going to be caught up in your own headspace, but a solid, high body can settle over your muscles and relieve your aches and cramps.

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