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Sour Diesel weed for sale


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Sour diesel weed train for sale 

 we have had better for whatever reason S.D. is still the favorite!! Taste is subjective so we cant really answer that but personally most of our client have never had an issue with the taste! Appearance its sexy as fuck! Its a pretty distinct appearance! Very easy to spot!! The effects again can be subjective but personally its a 90% head high 10%body makes me happy/giggle and will makes you wanna laugh and Although it will make you sink into your bed like floating on cloud 9 it isnt crippling so if you wanted to clean, go for a walk, cook, or whatever activity it could be done in a fun manner!! Just DONT DRIVE cause S.DS.D. is strong as fuck!!! If you really want to try something else try this Sour Diesel weed for sale perfect  strain and you won’t  regret having the first shot of it 

Even though there are strains that are more euphoric…usually on the sativa side of things

OG Kush

Sour Diesel


White Widow

Those are the most euphoric I have grown.

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